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Producing official publications

Find guidance on publishing for government organisations, including producing and publishing Command, House of Commons and un-numbered Act papers such as annual reports and accounts, policy papers, government responses and reviews.

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Parliamentary papers guidance

This guidance will help you to understand the process of producing parliamentary papers, including Command, House of Commons and un-numbered Act papers.

  • Types of parliamentary paper

  • Command paper requirements

  • Command and House Papers supplier services

  • Useful contacts

  • Planning a paper

  • Laying and publishing a paper

  • How copyright applies

  • Annual report and accounts

  • Accessibility and alternative formats

  • How to correct a paper

  • After publishing a paper

Publishing guidance

Our publishing guidance is designed to help those working on official government publications, particularly those who are new to publishing.

  • What is publishing?

  • Publishing processes and practices

  • Copyright and publishing

  • Accessible publications

Copyright statements in official publications

Government publications, in print or digital form, should include appropriate copyright and re-use statements. This section explains where to use these statements.

Subsidy for the supply of official publications in public libraries

All local authority-funded public libraries are eligible to receive a subsidy on official publications. The subsidy is given to facilitate public access to parliamentary and government materials and legislation that is not available online.