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Accessibility Statement

The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018 came into force on 23 September 2018 and require King’s College London to ensure that all its digital content (websites, intranets, online documents and applications) comply with the WCAG 2.1AA Accessibility Standards. King’s is required to publish an Accessibility Statement for each digital platform which includes details of content that doesn’t meet the accessibility standards, and how individuals can request an accessible version of this content if required.

King’s College London has convened a college-wide action group to address the accessibility of its digital information and actions are currently being undertaken around:

  • Assessing, prioritising and improving the accessibility of the 100+ digital platforms in use at King’s and highest priority is being given to those holding student teaching materials;
  • Improving the accessibility of online teaching materials;
  • Ensuring all future purchases or development of digital platforms are accessible;
  • Ensuring that all future teaching materials being developed and uploaded are accessible.

Accessibility Statements are available for:

  • Keats
  • King’s Intranet
  • King’s Maths School
  • King’s Venues

The following digital platforms have been assessed as having the highest impact on users and their accessibility statements are being prioritsed:

  • Azure (Authentication)
  • Contensis –
  • Feepay
  • Gradintel
  • Invigilator Bookings
  • Syllabus Plus – WRB
  • WordPress – Blogs

Each platform’s Accessibility Statement will contain information for the user in relation to a contact point for an accessible format of specific inaccessible parts. This will vary depend upon the owners of each platforms and its content within Kings College London.

If you have any accessibility concerns about any digital platform at King’s, please contact the King’s Equality, Diversity and inclusion Team on, specifying the platform concerned and their specific accessibility requirements.


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