With The New Pixel 7's 'Guided Frame' Feature, Google Wants To Make Taking Selfies …

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

With The New Pixel 7’s ‘Guided Frame’ Feature, Google Wants To Make Taking Selfies More Accessible And Equitable Than Ever

Steven Aquino
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Oct 12, 2022,05:59pm EDT|

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Google’s Guided Frame camera feature on the new Pixel 7 helps taking selfies easier.

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The thing about accessibility in tech is the work can not and should not rest on the shoulders of one company. Apple, for example, is generally revered in the disability community for building best-in-class accessibility software that accommodate a range of diverse needs. Yet it would be a sad state of affairs if the Cupertino-homed captain of industry were alone in their view in caring about making technology accessible to everyone. The axiom that “it takes a village” springs to mind as being apt here: however excellent one company’s pursuits, the fact is the onus isn’t singularly on one entity to make tech more approachable [...]

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