Why a Dolphin?

My website just got a refresh and a dolphin swam into the header. Did I convert my law practice to an aquarium? Did I move to Miami? I did not. Do I long for a beach vacation in the midst of the coronavirus stay-at-home? I do, but that’s not why the dolphins are here. A few years ago I read about a book titled “Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: The Essential Guide to Thriving as a New Lawyer.” Its cover image was the ominous shark fin rising from calm ocean water. The story of my website dolphin began when I learned about this book. I knew I wasn’t a shark. My clients and partners in Structured Negotiation weren’t either. Could we be another sea creature? share on twitter Why are Lawyers Called Sharks? A quick Google Search turns up hundreds of lawyer-as-shark jokes. It’s a metaphor with deep roots. Moby…


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