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Wheelchair users sue Lyft too

Ride-hailing company says it will eventually have wheelchair vans in the Bay Area


Adam Brinklow

Mar 14, 2018, 10:08am PDT

A wheelchair accessible van in New York.


One week after suing Uber for allegedly providing inadequate service to wheelchair users, Berkeley-based non-profit Disability Rights Advocates [DRA] have now sued Lyft for the same reasons.

This, of course, comes as little surprise as both class-action suits mirror one another and even use identical language at many points in the two complaints, although DRA does make a point of distinguishing Lyft from its competitor:

Lyft has carefully crafted an image as a conscientious company with strong progressive values, in contrast to its main rival Uber. […] However, Lyft has excluded people who need WAVs [wheelchair [...]

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