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I love to travel by train for shorter distances, where the hassle of air travel just isn’t worth it. I am a frequent rider of Amtrak in the Northeast United States, but I have also taken my share of trips on the railways of Europe. Like you, I once had a lot of questions about how to arrange a trip suitable for me and my power wheelchair. With this list of frequently asked questions, I’ll show you how to conquer the world’s railways in no time!

If you’re looking for information about subway and metropolitan train systems, check out the city-specific destination guides I have written. That’s where you’ll find all of the relevant information for public transportation systems.

How can I get my wheelchair on a train?

Train networks across the world, including Amtrak in the United States, can accommodate both manual and powered wheelchairs. Due to the gaps between the train and station platform, “bridge plates” and ramps are used to allow wheelchairs to roll smoothly onto the train.

The image above depicts three different boarding ramp types used in train stations around the world. From left to right: Amtrak bridge plate; Dutch National Rail boarding ramp at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport; Eurostar boarding [...]

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