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Wheelchair Taxis

A limited number of accessible wheelchair taxi vans with wheelchair lifts/ramps are available in Bangkok.  They are priced at a significantly higher rate than normal taxis, but the cost is still lower than that of a taxi in the United States.  These wheelchair accessible taxis should be reserved at least 24 hours in advance.  The contact information for the accessible taxi/transportation companies in Bangkok is below:

Help & Care Travel Co., Ltd.
+66  2720-5395
Skype:  wheelchair tours

You will receive a quote from Help & Care Travel Co. at the time of booking, but we know the following about their fee structure:

Airport to Bangkok downtown — $2,000 THB (about $60 USD)
Half day (4 hours) in Bangkok — $3,500 THB
Full day (8-10 hours) in Bangkok — $5,000 THB

For travelers with folding wheelchairs who can transfer into/out of a regular taxi, nearly all Bangkok taxi cabs will be an option.  They may be difficult to hail in the city of Bangkok during the morning and evening rush hours, so it may be necessary to reserve in advance.  There is no need to reserve a normal taxi cab at the airport.

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