Wheelchair Carriers: What Type is Right for You?

For individuals with disabilities, having access to a handicap accessible vehicle can be life changing and the key to gaining independence. However, purchasing a new or used wheelchair accessible vehicle may not be feasible for everyone. Wheelchair carriers are a great way to make most vehicles more accessible, allowing a wheelchair to be stored and transported with ease. Deciding which type of carrier is best for you may seem overwhelming, but when working with a qualified mobility professional, the process can be made quite easy.

It is important to know what specifications you require before beginning to look at carriers. The type of vehicle and wheelchair you have both make a difference in which style of carrier will be most beneficial for you. Also, your ability to fold and lift your chair is an important factor, as some lifts are manual and require more effort from the user.

There are four basic styles of electric wheelchair carriers: automatic car-top carriers, bumper mounted carriers, hitch-mounted carriers, and pick-up truck carriers. Understanding each of the four styles and talking to a NMEDA Quality Assurance Program Dealer will help you make an educated decision on which is best for you.

Automatic Car-Top Carrier

The automatic car-top carrier [...]

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