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Wheelchair Taxis in Gibraltar

In researching my own trip to Gibraltar, my greatest concern was finding a way to get to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. I discovered that the city does offer wheelchair accessible taxis, but they are not like the black cabs or ramped vans you’ll find in a city like London. My adapted taxi vehicle instead looked like this:

The problem with Gibraltar’s accessible vans, like the one pictured above, is that they are not truly accessible. At least, not for everyone.

I traveled to Gibraltar with my six-wheeled power wheelchair, the Quantum Q6 Edge. Although the taxi van included ramps to aid in rear entry, they are designed for manual wheelchairs – not power chairs, which have a much lower ground clearance.

Each time I entered and exited this taxi, the undercarriage of my wheelchair would catch on the ramps. My taxi driver was a true gentleman, and assisted me each time in pulling the chair down or pushing it up. But, this was hard work, and overcoming this barrier may not be possible for all powered wheelchairs.

Another issue with this taxi was the space in the [...]

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