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WHCM and System Colors February 10, 2021; 2 Comments Outline: Feature Queries Proprietary, or Internet Explorer Only Standards Track, or Edge Only Frankenquery’s Monster System Colors CSS2 System Color Keywords WHCM Proprietary Feature Query Color Mappings CSS4 System Color Keywords Browser Support Internet Explorer Legacy Edge (Ledgacy) Chromium Edge (Chromiedge) Firefox Chrome Examples Backgrounds Inline SVGs SVGs via <img>s Form Fields Custom Controls Collected Examples Wrap-up References There is a ton of prior content discussing Windows High Contrast Mode (WHCM) and web content. The catch is that content covers four (five?) different implementations across more than a decade of support: Internet Explorer, Edge, the other Edge, Edge plus IE aliasing, and hardly anything on Firefox. Which means much of it no longer applies. The best overview of the current situation is from Microsoft: Styling for Windows high contrast with new standards for forced colors, posted mid-September 2020. As the standards…


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