What You Should Know About Hand Control Technology in Your Vehicle

What You Should Know About Adaptive Hand Control TechnologyFeatured Posts, Handicap Accessible Vehicles, Living With a Disability, Wheelchair Accessible

Every day, technology continues to advance in strides, especially when it comes to creating safe and efficient handicap accessible vehicles. With the help of hand control advancements, both mechanical and electronic, it is becoming simpler for drivers with disabilities to travel. However, before going out and purchasing any type of modified controls for a vehicle, it’s important to know exactly which hand controls are right for you and your particular needs to ensure in control behind the wheel. 

What type of hand control options are available?

Hand controls are designed to help drivers with limited or no use of their legs to operate the vehicle by using devices to control both the steering wheel and the accelerator and brake. Mechanical hand controls include a spinner knob, which you position and adjust to your liking on your steering wheel, allowing drivers to steer with one hand, while the other hand is free to control the lever that is connected to the accelerator and brake. The accelerator and brake handle works by pulling it down to accelerate and pushing it forward to brake.

Other hand control [...]

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