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SortSite is a one-click web site testing tool used by federal agencies,
Fortune 100 corporations and independent consultancies. The tool is available
as a desktop application for Mac or Windows, and is
also available as a web application.

  • Platforms: Macintosh and Windows
  • Use: inside and outside firewall, including intranets and development sites

One click is all it takes to analyze an entire web site. Each page is checked against more than 1300 standards
based checkpoints.


  • Accessibility – check WCAG and Section 508 guidelines against many file types: find flashing GIFs, untagged PDFs
  • Broken Links – check for broken links and spelling errors
  • Compatibility – check for HTML, script and image formats that don’t work in common browsers
  • Search Engine Optimization – check Google and Bing webmaster guidelines
  • Web Standards – validate HTML and CSS
  • Usability – check against guidelines


Problems like broken [...]

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