WebAIM: WAVE 3.1 Release

WAVE 3.1 Release

Version 3.1 of the various WAVE web accessibility evaluation tools has been released. These updates are now available in the online WAVE tool, the Chrome and Firefox extensions, the WAVE subscription API and stand-alone API, and the WAVE Runner reporting service. These updates are also available in the Pope Tech enterprise accessibility testing and reporting service.

New and Updated Accessibility Tests

YouTube Video

YouTube videos are identified as an Alert which prompts users to verify that the video has equivalent captions.

Expanded ARIA and Title Attribute Support

WAVE now better considers ARIA in defining accessibility for page elements. For example, empty links and buttons that have an ARIA label are no longer identified as errors. Images and inputs that do not have associated labels or ARIA labels, but do have non-empty title attribute values are no longer flagged as errors, but an Alert is presented to prompt further testing.

Expanded and Improved Contrast Testing

WAVE’s text contrast checking has been expanded and improved to test for WCAG contrast failures within most form inputs. False errors are now much less likely for text that has CSS-defined opacity, gradients, or filters.

Generic Regions

Generic ARIA landmark regions – role=”region” [...]

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