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Evaluation Services

To assess accessibility on your site, we recommend starting with these tools and resources:

  • WAVE is our free tool that generates an instant overview of potential accessibility issues on a page.
  • WAVE Runner can scan thousands of pages using the same criteria as WAVE, and deliver accessibility data on each.
    • Also available as a stand-alone API or subscription API.
  • WebAIM’s WCAG 2 Checklist can help you understand how accessibility is objectively measured.

Although these tools can help identify accessibility pitfalls, it takes human evaluators to assess accessibility in a user-centered, holistic way.

Our team of accessibility specialists can perform a hands-on evaluation to identify accessibility issues, explain their impact on users, and recommend remediation strategies. Our reports also provide a summary of WCAG 2 conformance.

Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the evaluated sample. WebAIM can also certify your site.

Evaluation FAQ

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