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Accessible JavaScript
Overview of Accessible JavaScript

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  • JavaScript Accessibility Issues

    JavaScript allows developers to add increased interaction, information processing, and control in web-based content. However, JavaScript can also introduce accessibility issues. These issues may include:

    • Navigation. Inability or difficulty navigating using a keyboard or assistive technology.
    • User control. Lack of user control over automated content changes.
    • Confusion/Disorientation. Altering or disabling the normal functionality of the browser or triggering events or content that the user may not be aware of.

    A web page containing JavaScript will typically be fully accessible if the functionality of the script is device independent (does not require only a mouse or only a keyboard) and the information (content) is available to assistive technologies. There is no easy fix that can be applied to solve all accessibility problems associated with JavaScript. The only way to ensure JavaScript accessibility is by evaluating each page that utilizes scripting and devising a unique solution to any accessibility problem found.

    JavaScript that does not impact accessibility

    Just because JavaScript is used on a page does not mean that the [...]

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