WebAIM: Accessible Documents: Word, PowerPoint, & Acrobat

Accessible Documents: Word, PowerPoint, & Acrobat

Course Overview

This independent-study online training covers principles and processes for:

  • Creating accessible document content and structure in Word & PowerPoint.
  • Evaluating the accessibility of well-structured Word & PowerPoint documents.
  • Optimizing the accessibility of PDFs exported from well-structured Word & PowerPoint documents with Acrobat.

This course is designed for adult learners that have experience creating Word & PowerPoint documents. Web development or design experience is not required.

New cohorts start on the first Monday of each month unless there is a U.S. holiday that week. For details, visit WebAIM’s Online Course page.

Course Format

This video-based training is delivered through the Canvas Catalog learning management system. The course features 33 Learning Activities with an average video length of five minutes.

I liked that you provide both a video and text version of each lesson. I could watch the video then easily find the information in the text if I needed a refresher.
October 2020 Training Participant

The course is structured into four Modules:

Module 1: Document Content

Objective: Review basic principles and processes for creating accessible document content in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents.

  • Section 1: Overview of Document Accessibility
  • Section 2: [...]

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