Web3 must learn from the past: People with disabilities are the largest untapped demographic

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Digital marketing in 2022 is all about searching for that target market online that a business has not been able to reach before. It’s the endless pursuit of trying to find a new, untapped source of revenue.

Just about every demographic is on the internet. Therefore, it’s a matter of finding them and getting them to your site, right?

For most people, maybe, but when it comes to people with disabilities — an untapped demographic for almost every company — it is far more complicated. And it all stems from the fact that the ability of people with disabilities to navigate and use the internet has historically been an afterthought.

When I say “afterthought,” I don’t mean that in a metaphorical “people with disabilities feel slighted because of the internet’s limitations” way. I mean that in a literal sense. By the time the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) discussion started to really take hold, the internet as we know it today had already been created, and it kept growing faster and faster. Each [...]

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