Web Accessibility Testing Tools: The Practical Role of Automated Checkers

Automated Web Accessibility Testing Tools: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Automated Checkers

Checking your website for accessibility? Great! But automated testing tools catch only 10-30% of errors. Learn where they excel, fail, and how to use them.

Here’s How to Incorporate Automated Web Accessibility Checkers in a Robust Accessibility Compliance Program

This article on automated web accessibility testing tools is reprinted, with updates and changes, from the May 2017 issue of Mealey’s™ Litigation Report: Cyber Tech & E-Commerce. It was originally published as The Practical Role Of Automated Web Accessibility Testing Tools In A Robust Accessibility Compliance Program. Mealey’s is a subscription-based information provider and a division of LexisNexis. Copyright ©2017 by Hiram Kuykendall. Responses welcome.

Why Use Automated Accessibility Testing Tools?

Legal actions and complaints have exploded against organizations with inaccessible websites and web applications. In the crosshairs are websites and applications that are not perceivable and usable by someone with a vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive disability. It is only natural that institutions would respond by seeking out automated accessibility testing tools that can scan an entire web-based experience and report accessibility issues.

At first, this strategy of [...]

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