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Web Accessibility Testing Tools

Code Inspection and Validation Tools

  • W3C mark-up validation service
  • Web developer add-on for the Firefox web browser
  • FireBug add-on for the Firefox web browser
  • Web Accessibility Toolbar for the Internet Explorer web browser
  • Wave web accessibility evaluation tool by WebAIM
  • More accessibility evaluation tools listed on W3C website

Color Contrast Analyzers

  • NoCoffee vision simulator (Chrome browser extension)
  • WCAG contrast checker add-on for the Firefox web browser
  • WebAIM color contrast checker
  • Colour Contrast Analyser 2.2

Assistive Technologies (ATs) or AT Emulators

  • NonVisual desktop access (NVDA) free and open source screen reader – Windows only
  • ZoomText screen magnifier (available for purchase or trial)
  • Dragon voice recognition
  • Accessibility features of operating systems

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