'We don't want to leave people behind': AI is helping disabled people in surprising new ways – CNN

This screen grab from a video posted on YouTube by OpenAI and Be My Eyes shows a person using an AI-powered version of Be My Eyes to hail a taxi.

From OpenAI/Be My Eyes/YouTube

New York

When Matthew Sherwood goes shopping for clothes, he needs help to ensure that what he’s picking up is the color or style he’s looking for.

Sherwood has been blind for more than 15 years; he has a family, a successful investing career and a dog, Chris, who helps him navigate the world. But he says everyday tasks like shopping still present hurdles to his independence.

Artificial intelligence could soon help.

Currently, Sherwood says he sometimes uses an app called Be My Eyes, which pairs visually impaired users with sighted volunteers who provide help, through live video, with [...]

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