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WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria


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  • 1 Success Criteria Requirements
  • 2 Checklist for proposals for new Success Criteria or to change existing Success Criteria
  • 3 Success Criteria Best Practice Guidelines
  • 4 Initial Suggestion for Priority Level
    • 4.1 Further Discussion
    • 4.2 Observations

Success Criteria Requirements

These requirements are provided as guidance to the WCAG Working Group as it works to define new Success Criteria in WCAG 2.1. The guidance here may be changed by the working group if necessary.

Success Criteria shall:

  • Address a situation where a user with a disability will be disproportionately disadvantaged (as compared to a user without a disability) if the criteria is not met.
  • Be testable through automated or manual processes.
  • Describe the specific condition required to meet the criteria, not the [...]
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