Voices From the Field: Scholars’ Journey

Fanica Young, Julianna Kim, and Danica Moise

We invite you to read our interviews with Fanica Young, Julianna Kim, and Danica Moise, doctoral scholars and former OSEP interns. They each share what brought them to the field and how their doctoral programs have shaped their practice.

Fanica Young

Fanica Young, Ed.S., is a former special education teacher and a doctoral candidate at the University of Central Florida in the Exceptional Education program. She has over five years of experience as an educator, inclusion specialist, advocate, and tutor, teaching and supporting students with disabilities and their families from diverse backgrounds. Her research focuses on special education personnel preparation in trauma-informed care to support students with disabilities in Title I schools and underserved communities.

What made you realize that you wanted to pursue a doctoral degree in fields that focus on providing services to children and families?

I have always been passionate about making a difference in the lives of children with disabilities. Since my time as an undergraduate and continuing into the present, I have developed a deeper recognition of the importance of creating long-lasting impact for students of color with disabilities in urban settings. This is particularly crucial due to the limited diversity within [...]

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