Voiceitt App For Atypical Speech — A Triumph In Disability Co-Design

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Jun 30, 2021,03:30am EDT|

Voiceitt App For Atypical Speech — A Triumph In Disability Co-Design

Gus Alexiou
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A Voiceitt user testing out the app at home


Back in 2012, Voiceitt co-founders Danny Weissberg and Stas Tiomkin decided they wanted to come up with an app that could interpret the atypical speech of individuals with communication difficulties and convert it to a standard output to be understood by others.

Nine years in the making, Voiceitt was finally released on IOS earlier this month but right from the start, the entrepreneurial pair were aware that they would be embarking on a user-led development journey like no other.

“Nothing About Us, Without Us” is a familiar mantra within the disability community but all too often, developers of both mainstream and assistive technology only involve people with disabilities in the latter stages of product development, if at all.

The nature of the issues Voiceitt needed to address meant that the product would succeed or fail based on the level of feedback and engagement they could garner from their [...]

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