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Video Introduction to Web Accessibility and W3C Standards

This video information is available:

  • In different languages — Instructions to see subtitles and transcripts are below
  • As a Text Transcript with Description of Visuals below
  • On YouTube
  • On a W3C server — video (file format: MP4, file size: 28MB), English captions file (VTT), list of other language files

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For more information, see:

  • Introduction to Web Accessibility
  • Web Accessibility Perspectives Videos: Explore the Impact and Benefits for Everyone — videos and information on specific accessibility topics.
  • WAI website — to find a wide range of resources on different aspects of web accessibility standards, education, testing/evaluation, project management, and policy.

Permission to Use Video

You may use this video if you include a link to this page. More information is available in Using WAI Material: Permission to Use with Attribution.

Audio Description

This video does not include audio description because the visuals only support the audio and do not provide additional information. In this case, audio description would be more distracting than useful to most people, including people who cannot see the visuals. The Transcript with Description below includes descriptions of the supporting visuals.

If you want examples of videos with audio description, see Web Accessibility Perspectives – Audio [...]

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