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Updated Guide to Shopify ADA Compliance (2022)

Website Accessibility

Shopify Accessibility Guidelines:
The Definitive Guide (2022)

Danny Trichter


Last updated: October 2022
10 minutes

If you run a Shopify store, web accessibility is a term you should have in your vocabulary.

Web accessibility refers to adjustments, tools, and technologies that help disabled users access and engage with websites and other online content. Basically, these adjustments make it that much easier for a user to perceive, understand, and engage with anything on the web. 

This guide will walk you through:

  • What is ADA and WCAG?
  • How does accessibility apply to a shopify store?
  • How to make your Shopify store compliant?

Let’s dive in.


Chapter 1
The Basics of Accessibility

Chapter 2
Risks Associated with Non-Compliance

Chapter 3
How to make your Shopify Store Accessible?

Chapter 4

Defining ADA and WCAG

According to Title 3 of the ADA, businesses are required to make modifications in order to accommodate people with disabilities. Despite the fact that websites weren’t originally named in the ADA, recently, courts have ruled that they should be included.

If you use Shopify, your website also needs to conform to ADA and WCAG guidelines.

Read our definitive guide on ADA compliance to find out more, including [...]

Read article at accessibilitychecker.org

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