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The W3C Drops WordPress from Consideration

September 27, 2020

Topics: Accessibility, Web standards, WordPress.

Yesterday morning, one of my fellow WP Accessibility Day organizers pinged me with the message that they hoped that Studio 24’s decision to drop WordPress because of accessibility flaws would lead to a new version of WP focused on accessibility improvements. My first reaction, predictably enough, was:

Who is Studio 24, and why should I care?

Because, frankly, I saw that comment and had no idea what it was about or why I should care. On exploring the topic, and finding myself cited in the WP Tavern article that finds this important, I guess I feel some need to voice an opinion. Though only because of the size of the drama; and certainly not because of the decision that the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and Studio 24 made.

To begin, I feel it’s an absurd degree of arrogance for anybody in the WordPress community to think that their pet content management system has any degree of entitlement to be used or even considered for any project, anywhere. While I don’t feel that the WP Tavern article itself conveys [...]

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