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    The Ultimate Wheelchair Accessibility guide of Sicily

    July, 2020

    Surrounded by the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean sea and based at the toe of the Italian shoe. Sicily is situated ideally for warm summers and pleasant winters, and this location creates a utopia for tourists. Even though Sicily comes with some challenges regarding its accessibility, there is plenty to do for people with lesser mobility. In this Accessibility guide of Sicily, we prepare you for the ultimate wheelchair accessible holiday on this beautiful Italian island.

    Few places are as diverse as Sicily. The Italian island combines a rich history with natural beauty and fantastic beaches. It is an autonomous region belonging to Italy and has been one of Italy’s most popular destinations. Because Sicily is such a critical strategic place in the Mediterranean, the island has a long and eventful history.

    History of Sicily

    The history of Sicily consists mostly of overtaking from different kinds of people and cultures. Romans, Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, Spaniards, Germans, and the Italians themselves all took part in Sicily’s creation as we know it. And all of them left their own mark on the culture of the island.

    Because [...]

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