The stark choice between a life with care or no life at all | Letters

It’s difficult to feel positive about needing assistance when coming to terms with a disability, says Fiona Weir. Plus a letter from Louise Hardwick and Molly Hardwick

Lucy Webster does a brilliant job of rewriting the narrative around care for disabled people, making it clear that such support is empowering for many (Some people think they would rather die than have help brushing their teeth – but care is not tragic, 6 June). I applaud her. And I envy her.

The narrative unfolding for me now is rather different. My own disability is new to me and growing. A few years ago, I was walking miles, climbing rocks, driving alone across Europe, working and playing hard. Now, I need sticks to cross a room and cannot stand up long enough to cook a meal. For me, care is a powerful symbol of what I am losing and how much harder my life is becoming.

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