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Accessible hotel bathrooms are basically the same, right? No, they aren’t! While individual hotel brands may implement a standardized design across multiple (sometimes hundreds) of properties, each hotel is built by a different contractor and inspected by a different code enforcement team.

In this article, I will focus on only a few accessible design features in hotel bathrooms. I’ll show examples of ADA compliance first, then take a look at some of the ways hotels have messed up (or cut corners, if you’re a pessimist). So, let’s get started!

ADA Compliant Roll-in Showers

If you request an ADA accessible room with a roll-in shower, here are a few examples of the types and set-up of compliant showers.

The roll-in shower pictured above, at The Westin Cleveland Downtown, is ADA compliant. The shower has a seat attached to and which folds down from the side wall. A handheld shower spray unit and water controls are adjacent to the seat on the back wall and the grab bars are placed in the appropriate positions.

This roll-in shower at the SpringHill Suites Milwaukee Downtown is a mirror image of the Westin’s ADA shower. It has all of the required fixtures – shower seat, water controls within reach [...]

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