The Dirt, Episode 5 – Accessibility Part 2

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Oct 15, 2012

  • UI Design

The Dirt, Episode 5: Accessibility Part 2

Author Tim Wright

This week on the show we pick up where we left off last week with accessibility. Steve, Mark and I expand on the basic topics we went over last week and dive into more advanced accessibility techniques such like Ajax, charting and designing for dyslexia. There is also some discussion surrounding Tom Hanks, Steve’s cousin and designing interaction within a high distraction environment. You can also follow us on Twitter now, crazy times.

Things get pretty wild, so settle in and let’s get started…

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If you have a question for the show, please submit a text or audio version by e-mailing it to Tim. Then listen to the following week’s show for the answer (we can let you know as well). We’re totally smart and we’ll answer it.

Show notes

  • Open Dyslexic font
  • WAI ARIA W3C Specification
  • ARIA Live regions
  • ARIA roles
  • Future Accessibility: SVG
  • Highcharts
  • Raphael JS Library
  • Colossal Cave Adventure (The Game from “Big”)
  • Waze Social Traffic iPhone App
  • Webcam Swiper demo

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