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Dec 13, 2013

  • UI Design

The Dirt: Community and Accessibility with Joe Devon

Author Tim Wright

This week on the show we sit down with one of the founding members of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Joe Devon. Joe also runs an unreasonably high number of meetups in the Los Angeles area spanning topics from PHP to Web performance. We discuss the importance of having a robust community, running meetups, and the origins/future of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

This episode is better than the finale of Breaking Bad.

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Show Notes

  • Joe on Twitter
  • Diamond Web Services
  • Diamond Web Services on Twitter
  • How Global Accessibility Awareness Day Started
  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Los Angeles Area MeetUps

  • LAWebSpeed
  • LAMongoDB
  • LASemWeb
  • LA A11y & Inclusive Design – run by @AccessibleJoe

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