The 5 W’s Of Creating a Training Implementation Plan

Planning a Training Rollout to Better Equip Your Team. Here’s How to Get Started.

A training rollout is a series of trainings offered to a targeted group to help achieve an organization’s training goals.  Planning a training rollout is a complex task, but necessary to project success.

There are several items to consider when creating a training rollout. They are best framed by the famous 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. We’ll explore each of these in depth to better understand what creates an effective training rollout.

The “Who”—Understanding Learners’ Needs

The “Who” focuses on the intended audience for your training. The audience is often made up of people with varying needs and expectations. There are many ways to improve the effectiveness of your training based on the audience. We’ve outlined a few suggestions based on our experience with rollouts.

  • Group trainees based on similarities – Two effective ways to group trainees are by job role or by division. These groupings allow for examples the entire group can understand rather than using random examples that may not apply to everyone. Organizing trainees this way also fosters group interaction. Trainees will have similar experiences and projects, so they can contribute to meaningful conversations.
  • Provide a skill assessment – Having [...]
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