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I have written more than once in AccessWorld about the fond and not-so-fond memories I have of learning to use my first computer. Although I purchased the computer from a totally blind person and received a bit of training from him as well, almost everything I learned in those first few years was from my sighted friends. They knew nothing about screen readers and what it took to make a computer program accessible to the blind, but they were more than happy to learn right along with me. I clearly remember one evening when one of my friends brought a floppy disk to my house with a text adventure game on it. I had never heard of a text adventure game, but I recall immersing myself in the story of T-Zero for hours on end. In fact, the game was all about time. The player needed to find round objects and transport them to the future in order to fix problems that will occur.

I have played many games in the text adventure genre since that first game on my old 1990s-era computer. Today, I play games on every device I own including my iPhone and my Amazon Echo. Those original [...]

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