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Teach and Advocate Overview Summary

Links to resources related to teaching web accessibility and advocating for web accessibility.

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  • Training Resources
  • Advocating Resources

Training Resources

How to Make Your Presentations Accessible to All
Helps you make presentations, talks, meetings, and training accessible to all of your potential audience, including people with disabilities and others.
Curricula on Web Accessibility: A Framework to Build Your Own Courses
Provides curricula to help you create courses on web accessibility for different roles. It defines learning outcomes, and provides ideas to teach and assess knowledge. The curriculum “Introduction to Web Accessibility” is currently available. Additional curriculum will be available in 2020 and 2021.
Developing Web Accessibility Presentations and Training
Provides materials for speakers, lecturers, educators and other presenters to help their participants understand more about web accessibility. The materials provide a range of information from introductory slides for those new to accessibility, to statistics and demos for experienced trainers. (Note: This content is mostly from 2013. The Curricula links to more recent resources.)
Before and After Demonstration (BAD)
Shows an inaccessible website and a retrofitted version of the same website. Includes annotations that highlight key accessibility barriers and repairs, and evaluation reports for WCAG 2.0.

Advocating Resources

Contacting Organizations about Inaccessible Websites
Encourages telling [...]

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