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Survey reveals prejudice towards people with “invisible” disabilities

The extent of negative public perceptions towards people with so-called “invisible” disabilities has been highlighted in a study commissioned by Fish Insurance.

In a national survey, 39 per cent of people said someone who displayed a valid Blue Badge but did not appear to have difficulty walking should not be entitled to park in a disabled parking bay.

A further 18 per cent thought even blue-badge holders who displayed some difficulty walking, such as those with a limp or prosthetic limb, should not be allowed to use disabled parking facilities.

It is an offence to park in a disabled parking bay without displaying a valid Blue Badge, carrying a maximum penalty fine of £1,000. However, 76 per cent of the people surveyed would have no problem with somebody using disabled parking without displaying a Blue Badge – providing they were a wheelchair user.

The findings suggest a negative bias towards those who have disabilities but do not use mobility aids – despite figures from the Papworth Trust revealing that the majority of impairments are not [...]

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