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Supplemental Guidance List

From Low Vision Accessibility Task Force

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This page is outdated. Current information is linked from the sections below.


  • 1 Purpose, Audience, Scope, etc.
  • 2 Format/Template
  • 3 Other Potential Topics
  • 4 old links

Purpose, Audience, Scope, etc.

See Supplemental Guidance Requirements Analysis


Updated Template Sections comparison


  • WCAG Techniques / Understanding WCAG — draft content template (in wiki page for now) , Technique example (design is draft in progress) , Understanding example (design is draft in progress)
    • Pros:
    • Cons:
  • COGA Design Pattern — COGA example (design is draft in progress)
    • Pros:
    • Cons:
  • Other Potential Topics

    The new list is in the Supplemental Guidance Table

    • Proximity of information (currently this is an advisory technique) to make sure fields and labels are in same magnified viewport and in predictable locations such as checkbox to left of label.
      • This may also include proximity of on-screen keyboard to input field – e.g. Desmose on [...]

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