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Sub-$1,000 Web Accessibility Solution

January 12, 2021; 9 Comments

If someone approaches you claiming they can make your web site WCAG compliant for just $1,000, they are lying to you. Granted, you may have a one-page site where the only problem is some contrast, in which case sure, $1,000 might be more than enough.

Adapted from “Cape Fear Discount Drugs” by Gerry Dincher is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0.

But for any web site bigger than that you need more. The problem is that some well-funded start-ups will try to sell you the no-effort quick fix.

But their own terms don’t guarantee it, it won’t protect you from a complaint, it requires code quality that gets you 99% of the way there already, and it won’t cover richer media (animations, documents, audio, or video).

The current pandemic is no protection either. In fact, your risk increases as more people move to your online presence.

The $1,000 price point is a fabrication by these overlay vendors. Their marketers are happy to create artificial comparisons against sustainable and proven approaches which may be at a scale far greater than you need.

Here are your two viable approaches as a small business:

Plan Ahead

Hire a consultant who has some experience in [...]

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