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Studying in UK as a disabled student

In UK, there’s no reason for disabled students not to pursue higher education. Despite still being very challenging to study as a disabled person, significant improvements are done and nowadays university is equally accessible to everyone.

Furthermore, The UK universities are charged with legal obligations to ensure disabled students will get excellent treatment through their studies. This includes many facilities, starting from the basic things they commonly need like wheel-chair friendly routes to the social treatment they’ll get.

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Your rights as a disabled person

Studying in the UK as a disabled student won’t represent any difference to studying as a non-disabled student because your fundamental rights will be protected and guaranteed by law. Universities in the UK are committed to making sure these laws are fully functional and you have a normal student life even if you’re a foreign student.

Despite that, as an international student with a disability, you don’t have access to governmental funds for disables students in UK, your additional needs arising from your disability will be seriously taken into [...]

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