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Step Change Studios is an award-winning dance company committed to making dance accessible for everyone. We offer fun, engaging dance opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. We provide classes in the community; tailor programmes for different settings including education, care, the arts, sport and leisure; we produce professional dance performances and productions; share our experience through conferences and workshops; and we create imaginative bespoke dance projects.

What makes us different is that we always see possibility. We make things happen. We get our energy from collaborating with good people who share our values. We understand that what we do is about more than dance. We love what we do and enjoy learning from everyone around us. We aspire to lead by example and to contribute to a diverse dance sector and creative, connected community.

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Visualising Dance with Dance Dosti

August 31, 2021

Dance practitioner Aparajita Burjwal shares her background, and experience in helping [...]

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