Special Service Request (SSR) Codes – Wheelchair Travel

What levels and types of wheelchair assistance are available at the airport and on the airplane? What are SSR codes?

Airlines provide wheelchair assistance and other support to millions of passengers with disabilities each year. When a traveler requests special assistance, the airline codes that into their ticket record using a special service request code, or SSR. These codes allow airlines to easily keep track of assistance requests and assign staff accordingly.

It is important that the correct code(s) be placed in your record to ensure that the assistance provided is appropriate and timely. The tables below identify and define the types of assistance and SSR codes of interest to air travelers with disabilities.

Wheelchair Assistance SSR Codes

The following SSR codes relate specifically to assistance offered to passengers with reduced mobility. These codes are used by the majority of airlines, but some foreign carriers may utilize a different format.

SSR CodeDescription of Assistance

Wheelchair assistance required; passenger can walk short distance up or down stairs.

Wheelchair assistance required; passenger can walk short distance, but not up or down stairs.

Wheelchair required; passenger cannot walk any distance and will require the aisle chair to board.

On-board aisle wheelchair requested (for use during flight).

Passenger is traveling with a [...]

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