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Robots And Machines Making Work Inclusive

Tomoko Yokoi
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Jul 30, 2022,01:49am EDT|

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The DAWN café in central Tokyo, Japan looks like any other modern service establishments in a bustling metropolis with its sleek architecture, open space and plenty of greenery. But there’s a catch. Instead of human staff, the floor is busy with robot staff who greet customers at the door; who help them find their seat and take their orders. The robot staff can even recommend different coffee beans that customers can choose from so that a robot barista can make the perfect coffee.

The DAWN café, however, is not a story about automation-where machines take over a human task. The café is operated by Ory Laboratory, a tech startup that builds the robot servers that are operated remotely by human pilots who can’t leave their houses, and who are in many cases, bedridden. According [...]

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