Six Tips For Making Vaccination Registration Websites More Accessible For All

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Apr 5, 2021,07:00am EDT|

Six Tips For Making Vaccination Registration Websites More Accessible For All

Stephen Rosa
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CEO/chief creative officer of (add)ventures and Emmy-winning writer/producer.


Hearing how difficult it has been for many older adults, their caregivers, people with disabilities and non-English speakers to register for Covid-19 vaccinations hasn’t surprised me, but the extent of the poor user experience is a concern with potentially huge public health consequences.

When the head of digital at my firm, Lisa Curtis, expressed frustration over the difficulty of registering her 75-plus-year-old parents online to receive their Covid-19 vaccines, my concern shifted to fear and then anger. Given health officials’ emphasis on Covid-19 vaccination, we cannot afford to lose wide swaths of the population because they abandon a burdensome registration process.

Lisa has decades of user experience working at top design firms, solving problems for industry, healthcare and education leaders. A human factors engineer by training, Lisa has empathic digital design and information architecture expertise that helps her see patterns and processes where others [...]

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