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Being more accessible doesn’t have to be difficult. With a bit of smart design we can we can make a big difference to people’s lives, reach wider audiences, and improve the experience for all players.

Knowing where to start with accessibility can feel overwhelming. So here are ten considerations that all make a significant difference to the experience of your disabled players, and if considered early enough in development, should not be difficult or expensive. The earlier you think about it, the easier and cheaper it becomes.

Produced for Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021, by Ameliane Chiasson (Square Enix), Cherry Thompson (Ubisoft), Barrie Ellis (OneSwitch), Fran Court (Spash Damage) Ian Hamilton (independent), James Berg (EA), and Tara Voelker (Xbox).

Can your game be understood without hearing? On mute? In a noisy room?

Subtitles are used by most players, for a wide range of reasons. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’s subtitles were on by default, 95% of players left them on. Even in Assassins Creed: Origins where they were off by default, 60% turned them on. Also consider flexible subtitle presentation, captioning important audio/musical cues, and ways other than text to reinforce audio information – Fortnite’s audio visualization is a great example.

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