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The “showpiece” of Mainland China, Shanghai is a top tourist destination abroad. The city attracts both foreigners and the Chinese alike, with sights including The Bund, the City of God, Yu Garden and the Nanjing Road shopping district. Shanghai exploded in growth once it was recognized as a prime Pacific port in the Asian trade. Now the world’s largest shipping center, Shanghai has also become mainland China’s financial center. With this development have come improvements in access for the disabled and wheelchair users. Just a decade ago, Shanghai was almost entirely inaccessible, but these recent changes have made the city a must see for the disabled traveler.

Guide Contents

Airport Accessibility

Shanghai Pudong International Airport opened in 1999 and is already among the 10 busiest airports in the world.

Attractions & Sights

Take a psychedelic journey through the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel and visit the Huxinting Teahouse at Yu Gardens.

Hotels & Accommodations

Use this list to find a wheelchair accessible hotel in Shanghai.

Public Transportation

Hit speeds of up to 430 km per hour on the world’s fastest Maglev train.

Wheelchair Taxis

There are a handful of London-style cabs operating in Shanghai, but you’ll need a local to make the booking.

Sidewalk Accessibility

Sidewalks are improving [...]

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