Scroll to top: Does it need to be accessible?

Recently, we asked the accessibility practitioners a question about scroll to top button on LinkedIn which prompted an article “Scroll to top: Where should the focus land?” Most of the accessibility members in the community voted to move the focus to skip to content link & the developer of the Kadence theme for WordPress implemented the same

But a larger discussion started with few members of the Hello Accessibility community as to whether the scroll to top button must be accessible to keyboard & assistive technology users. here are the arguments that were made:

  • The scroll to top element is a floating icon that appears only when pointer of the mouse scrolls to a section of the page. This enables mouse user with smooth scroll that takes focus to top of the page. However, Keyboard only users & assistive technology users are presented the scroll to top button at the end of the page, technically the last element in the DOM. Sometimes, the button appears at the end of the main content or between the main content and the footer.
  • On the other hand, assistive technology users have their shortcut keys to navigate to each element on the page. For example, a screen [...]

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