Salesforce Accessibility And Inclusive Boss Derek Featherstone Talks Building Technology …

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Salesforce Accessibility And Inclusive Design Boss Derek Featherstone Talks Building Technology With Empathy

Steven Aquino
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Steven covers accessibility and assistive technology.

Jun 3, 2022,02:16pm EDT|

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As with their peers, Salesforce is committed to inclusive technology.


When most people typically think about accessibility and assistive technologies, they think of consumer-facing applications. Products such as hearing aids and canes. Wheelchairs. Accessibility software on iOS and Android via smartphones, and on the Mac and Windows via desktops and laptops. The captains of the industry like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Even physical world accommodations like disabled parking spaces and curb cutouts for the Blind and those in wheelchairs.

But Salesforce? The company indeed is big and well known, by those who run in the tech circle anyway, but they don’t have the cachet in terms of consumer awareness that many of their product-focused contemporaries do. Like Netflix, the ways in which they support accessibility and the disability community has heretofore been far less known to even those who track the industry closely. The truth is, like Netflix, the [...]

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