RSA Success Story: Discovering a New Career through Vocational Rehabilitation

By: Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

In a February 2024 Dear Colleague Letter, Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) Commissioner Danté Allen prioritized elevating community expectations for competitive integrated employment by showcasing success stories of individuals with disabilities who receive services from RSA Programs. This is the first RSA Success Story in a series that will run through November 2024.

Richard Erskine grew up dreaming of becoming a social worker and following in his mother’s footsteps. He saw firsthand how inspiring the work was and earned a Bachelor of Science in social work from Westfield State University. However, after his first internship, he realized the field might not be the right fit for him.

Unsure of what was next, he contacted the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) to help him with his job journey. MRC, an RSA grantee, helped Richard to achieve competitive integrated employment.

The Beginning of a Prominent Partnership

Working alongside the disability community, MRC provides services that break down barriers, cultivate diversity, and empower people to thrive in their workplaces and their communities. The agency’s purpose is possibility: the possibility of building a better Massachusetts – one that is more equitable, accessible and inclusive.

MRC’s Career Services works with job candidates to explore industries and career paths [...]

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