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We believe knowledge is key to progress, so we maintain the world’s most comprehensive body of information and research relating to blindness and visual impairment. We publish essential professional textbooks for university programs. We curate an exhaustive collection of current and historical works in the M.C. Migel Library. And we make available an immense, free catalog of tactile images for teachers. The more we all know, the better we all serve.

APH Press

APH Press carries on the legacy of AFB Press as the leading publisher in the field of blindness and visual impairment. Nearly 70 titles provide a wide range of professional, researched information on education, orientation & mobility, aging, rehabilitation, and much more.

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APH Hive

The APH Hive, our FREE eLearning platform for educators and families, contains a growing course catalog covering categories like Early Childhood, Expanded Core Curriculum and more. All you have to do is sign up, watch the course content at your leisure, and complete the follow up [...]

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