Report Airlines for Disability Rights Violations –

Where do I send airline disability complaints? Will the government protect my rights?

Airlines violate the Air Carrier Access Act at the expense of disabled travelers every day. Most travelers take these violations in stride and put the negative experiences behind them. As a result, airlines have little incentive to comply with the law. This article outlines the process for enforcing your rights under the ACAA and holding airlines responsible for any violations.

If you are unfamiliar with the ACAA, please read the Summary of wheelchair travelers’ rights under the Air Carrier Access Act. The linked article will bring you up to speed on the accessibility accommodations and services disabled passengers are entitled to in airports and on aircraft.

When violations occur, passengers should first report the violation to the airline within 45 days. This is best done through a comment or complaint form on the carrier’s website. This allows for the airline to respond in writing and creates a paper trail.

Most often, you will receive a largely canned response apologizing for your inconvenience, promising to forward your concerns to the airline’s leadership and offering some sort of compensation. This compensation could be loyalty program points/miles or a monetary voucher for use on the purchase of [...]

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