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Pushing Through During the Pandemic

By Todd Stabelfeldt|2021-03-31T16:49:57-04:00April 1st, 2021|

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My wife, Karen, is amazing. She is a professor teaching leadership and ethics, and is a few years retired from the Navy as a commander, so I listen carefully when she has something to say. We regularly discuss how we are feeling and how we can better assist each other. We started to go out when the weather got nicer last year to do socially distanced walks.

During one of these walks, I asked her what grade she would give me on my attitude and approach to dealing with the pandemic. She said C-, which made me laugh and say, “What?”

“You’re not doing too well,” was her response.

“What do you mean?”

“Your feelings are not the mission,” she replied.

This struck me … it was a real shock and a frustrating realization. “What do you mean?” I asked again.

“The mission is for all of us to achieve a goal, and in this case, you do this by taking care of yourself, and consistently demonstrating that to the person on your left and your right. This type of [...]

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